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Lubicz 16

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Tram:2,4,7,10,14,20,52,62, Bus:124,152,424,605,608,618,662,664

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Celestat was a place of shoot practicing of marksmen’s fraternity in Cracow. Celestat was established in its present form in 1837 when the Association of Shooting Cracow bought land on the outskirts of Cracow to then build there the neo-Gothic palace. In the garden of the palace there was opened a restaurant, and in summer concerts were organized there.

Celestat was even visited by the emperor of the Austro-Hungarian empire Franz Joseph I, who at the occasion of the visit gave 3 shots into a specially prepared shield. It was also visited by his successor Archduke Rudolf.

Since 1834, the palace is adorned with portraits of the best marksmen of the current period. In 1914 Celestat was occupied by the Austro-Hungarian army to eventually be returned to the fraternity in 1921. Then in 1939 it was taken by the German army. Currently Celestat functions as a branch of the Historical Museum of Cracow.