Exhibition in Nowa Huta District Branice

Opening hours: 

January - April: Monday - Friday 10:00- 14:00 Saturday, Sunday - CLOSED
 May - October: Monday - Friday 10:00- 14:00 Saturday and Sunday 14:00 - 6:00 
November - December: Monday - Friday 10:00 - 14:00 Saturday, Sunday - CLOSED.


2A Sasanek Street

Bus and Tram Routes: 

Bus 131

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Visit Exhibition in Nowa Huta District Branice and set off for a journey in time. You can choose which era you want to go back. The museum offers exhibitions from Prehistoric ages with pottery from 1st - 12th c, archaeological sites and people’s settlements from 1st - 3rd c., 5th - 8th c and the origins of the polish statehood with the focus on everyday life in Małopolska in the Early Middle ages (9th c. - 12th c.)

The attraction is not accidentally located in Branice, very old place itself, with the first written entries on it appearing as early as 1250. The complex is comprised of a late Renaissance residential tower, the 16th century “Lumber rooms”, classical manor house structure (18th/19th c.), and a spacious parkland, with some partially preserved farm buildings.