Pomorska Street

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Monday : closed
Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00 - 17:00


Pomorska 2

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TRAM:4,8,14,19,20,24 BUS:124,139,152,159,164,169,179,208,292,304,424,439,501,502,601,606,608,618

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Plac Inwalidów

Go back to the times of WWII and discover the dark secrets of the Pomorska Street, hosting in of its buildings the Gestapo Headquarters. The place, once of bad repute, now faces its revival, being the venue of national memory and the nucleus of the upcoming exhibition “People of Kraków in Times of Terror 1939-1945-1956”. The exhibition, aiming to convey the complex history of our city, includes a trip around the dungeons, where a lot of Polish people fighting against the enemies, were tortured and killed.

The exhibition is divided into three parts, each of them focusing on a different story. The first one presents the activities of the Association of Defence of the Western Borderlands and the history of the Silesian House. The second part is devoted to the fate of the chosen people – Krakow citizens and people connected with the city, being the victims of the Nazi occupation in 1939-1945. The third part presents Poland after the war (the years 1945-1956) and the different angles of fight against the Communist oppression. The database currently comprises several thousand items and it is planned to be expanded in the future.

Nearby to the Museum of the history of occupation you can find the Museum of History of Photografy.