The Eagle Pharmacy

Opening hours: 

Monday 10.00 am - 2.00 pm
Tuesday - Sunday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Museum is closed on every 2nd Tuesday of the month.


Cracow, 18 Bohaterów Getta Square

Bus and Tram Routes: 

bus: 669, tram: 3, 9, 19, 24, 50, 69

Nearest bus or tram: 

Plac Bohaterów Getta

Pharmacy “Under the Eagle” in Cracow was the only pharmacy in the Cracow ghetto during the Nazi occupation in Poland. Run by Tadeusz Pankiewicz, who was the only Pole living in the ghetto during the whole period of its existence. It was not only the place of selling of the medicines, but also anti-Nazi conspiracy, mutual assistance and contact between Jews living in the ghetto.

Pharmacy was established in 1909 by Jozef Pankiewicz, father of Tadeusz. Tadeusz Pankiewicz began to work in the pharmacy in 1930 shortly after his graduation. Pharmacy remained formally owned by Tadeusz Pankiewicz after 1946. However, in 1951 Pharmacy has been taken from the Pankiewicz family as result of the socialist political changes that occurred in Poland. Pharmacy was nationalized.

Currently, Pharmacy “Under the Eagle” is the Museum of the Ghetto “Pharmacy Under the Eagle” available for tourists. Next to the Museum you can also visit Centre for documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor Cricoteka.