History of the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy Museum

Opening hours: 

Monday -Friday 8am-3pm


30 Adama Mickiewicza Avenue, bulding C-2, floor V

Bus and Tram Routes: 

Bus :124,144,152,164,169,173,179,194,292,424,503,605,608

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While in Cracow, it’s worth to learn a bit about one of its immanent traditions and visit the History of the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy Museum. Mining is deeply rooted in the landscape and history of Cracow and its region. It’s enough to mention at least the boisterous celebrations of the St. Barbara feast.

The museum gathers diverse souvenirs from various periods of activity of the Academy activity. The most valuable are the instruments of incorporation issued by the Austrians, mementos from the university in Leoben, Freiberg and St. Petersburg, where lots of Poles were studying in the times of annexations. Trace the history of the university from its beginnings, through the time of the Nazi occupation, reconstruction after the Second World War, up to the contemporary rapid development. The attraction can draw in visitors with its large collection of souvenirs connected with St. Barbara and St. Florian – patron of metallurgists. Close to the Museum don’t miss to see The Main Building of the National Museum.