Main Market Square Underground

Podziemia rynku muzeum

Opening hours: 

November – March:Monday, Wednesday - Sunday 10.00-20.00 Tuesday 10.00-16.00 
April – October:Monday, Wednesday - Sunday 10.00-22.00Tuesday 10.00-16.00
Exhibition is closed on every first Tuesday of the month.


Cracow, 1 Rynek Główny ( Main Market Square) 

Bus and Tram Routes: 

bus: 902, tram: 1, 2, 6, 13

Nearest bus or tram: 

Plac Wszystkich Świętych

Today’s Main Market Square has become a part of Cracow in 1257, when it was annexed to the city. Then it became one of the most important elements of it and remains like that to this day. The history of the Main Market Square began much earlier. In order to expierience it you shall visit the Main Market Square Undeground exhibition which is located on the side opposite to St. Mary’s Church.

This historical exhibition shows not only the remarkable history of Cracow, but also links the city with the most reckoned centers of commerce and culture in the Middle Ages. The discovery of links Cracow with a Hanseatic Leauge will be very interesting for lovers of history. With a range of sights that are available in the exhibition-you can see how life in Cracow looked alike for centuries from the practical side. Starting from the fourteenth century coins and ending with contemporary ceramic vessels.

In addition, the exposure is enriched with models, interactive touch screens, holograms and documentary films shown in a properly prepared for the basement of the Cloth Hall.  

Singled ticket for Main Market Square Underground Museum Guided Tour available on out partner Discovercracow website.