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 A typical problem of any museum is that their collections are constantly building up, which stems from their obvious mission – the collecting of artefacts. As museum collections build up, the... read more

Between 1940 and 1945, the staff of Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz made at least  1,1 million of its inmates perished during Holocaust. The fact that the 190 hectares of... read more

We present Auschwitz Documentary’s below so you can get to know with Concentration Camp history better.


The... read more


Highly mountainous. Folksy. Endowed with hospitable locals. Welcome to Zakopane – the winter beauty queen of  Poland! White madness experienced at... read more

The more you know about Krakow, the more curiosity it instills about the secrets that have been left untold to you. While the mysteries, legends and myths of Krakow are one... read more


Wieliczka Salt Mine is where you may feel trapped underground for a while, but never as if it was a tourist trap! Visited by over 1.2... read more

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Poland is a highly centralised country. This is why the largest number of companies» headquarters, state institutions and scientific units operate in Warsaw, the capital of... read more

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Krakow is definitely a place that your camera will love! Regardless of if you point it at a historical building or a wonder of nature, irrespective of if you do it at night or in... read more

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Not everyone is a traveller of the “collectivist” type. Taking part in guided trips, when there are others to decide for us when to set off, when to leave... read more

Christmas in Krakow? Among all the reasons that support this great idea (like: the truly wintry weather, with lots of snow and ice rinks around, magnificent Krakow illumination... read more

Krakow is the beloved city of famous Polish filmmakers, including the well-known directors like cult-followed Krzysztof Kieslowski, Oscar-awarded Andrzej Wajda or Andrzej Munk,... read more

KrakowCard – one tiny piece of plastic that enables you to visit 40 best museums of Krakow with no additional fees included! As seen on the map below, the places of interest –... read more

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Couples coming to Krakow may enjoy their perfect choice of a place to stay at for a romantic weekend each minute of their visit: the charm of the Main Market Square, a... read more

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Krakow Nightlife is something you should experience! It’s hard to fall asleep in Krakow, being aware of the undisputed title of the partying capital of Poland the city holds – and if you haven... read more
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Every experienced tourist perfectly knows how time- and money-consuming the preparation for a well-thought trip may be – this is why... read more

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Krakow is composed of so many unique attractions that trying to pick its cherries in an unbiased way can make you experience real vertigo. Steeped in history, the enchanting... read more

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Top-rated hostels in Krakow, Poland prove that cost-effective accommodation is not equivalent to lowering the conditions offered to guests – in fact, booking a bed or room... read more

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The UNESCO-protected site of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp is a place where the bleak reality of WWII... read more

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The luxurious decor of Cracow’s historical interiors (like the chambers of the Wawel Castle or Restauracja Wierzynek 1364) is reflected in the exquisite design of the... read more

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Exploring the scenic surroundings of this Central European gem of a city will surely make you want to sample some of its well-kept culinary... read more

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Krakow is best known for the picturesque images of its Main Square and the Wawel Castle, so alluring that you may think there is not much room left for any other attractions or activities but... read more

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