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First time in a new place. You just arrived at your hotel. You’ve got a few days to spend but you probably want to make them as efficient as possible in terms of seeing things. Been there done that.

There are many approaches for exploring a new place. Some of us like to wander around the city and have a closer look at whatever grabs our attention.

I personally practise a funny little game called “let-the-city-suck-you-in-and-let-the-google-maps-save-your-butt-later-on”. Yeah I know it’s a little bit too long but you got the point ;).

It’s good to go with your traveler’s guts, but let me tell you something - when you want to explore a city really deep and meaningfully, you might need a little helping hand to draw a picture for you, to make things a little more clear and organized.

Also, this approach may really help you not to overlook anything, that you would later on regret not seeing.

One way of doing this is to buy a ready-to-consume tour with a local tour operator, in which everything is planned minute by minute and you have to stick to the plan and tempo of a very informative and charming guide.

In exchange you know you are very well informed about the thing you just took part in (if you like that, we got you covered right here).

Another way is to use a city pass that is available in any major city in the world, including Krakow.

That’s a perfect marriage of flexibility (doing things your own way whenever you want) and being covered when it comes to nuances like public transportation, discounts and having all the best city attractions bundled together so you know you don’t miss a thing.

List of 38 Museums included in Krakow Card (click here to see the list with pictures and descriptions):

  • Schindlers Factory
  • Main Market Square Underground
  • Polish Aviation Museum
  • Cloth Hall (Sukiennice)
  • City Defence Walls Krakow
  • Archaeological Museum Krakow
  • Stanislaw Lem Garden of Experiences
  • Europeum The European Culture Centre
  • The Zwierzyniec House
  • The Jozef Mehoffer House
  • St. Adalberts Church Underground
  • St. Mary’s Church
  • Centre for documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor Cricoteka, Archives. Office
  • History of the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy Museum
  • The Bishop Erazm Ciołek Palace
  • The Old Synagogue
  • The Archdiocese Museum
  • The Szołayski House
  • The Hipolit House
  • Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec
  • Centre for documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor Cricoteka, Gallery/ Atelier
  • Museum of Municipal Engineering in Krakow
  • The Main Building of the National Museum
  • Regional Rydel`s Museum of Polish Modernism Rydlowka
  • The Emeryk Hutten-Czapski Museum
  • Pomorska Street
  • Celestat
  • Town Hall Tower
  • Exhibition in Nowa Huta District Branice
  • Galicja Jewish Museum
  • The Barbican
  • The Eagle Pharmacy
  • The Krzysztofory Palace
  • Museum of the Home Army dedicated Gen Emil Fieldorf Nil
  • The Jan Matejko House
  • Kopiec Kościuszki

Some real world situations in which Krakow Card may turn out to come in handy (apart from seeing museums)

CASE #1 - Free Airport Shuttle Bus (Krakow Tourist Card 3 days & Krakow Tourist Card 2 days variants)

Almost always that first transaction you make after arriving to the airport in new city is paying for shuttle bus (maybe second if you ordered that long awaited latte macchiato at the airport) but while having all city public transportation being there in your hands

you already saved yourself some hassle buying tickets and fighting with those hefty luggage bags. The card entitles the holder to travel from Kraków City <-> Kraków Airport – on buses no. 208, 292 and night bus no. 902 (click links to check the routes).

CASE #2 - Unlimited Public Transportation (Krakow Tourist Card 3 days & Krakow Tourist Card 2 days variants)

Having unlimited bus and trams options is also pretty cool, because hey, mistakes are happening, sitting in the wrong tram/bus and quickly changing to another, without the stress of buying a ticket over and over again. Public bus map and tram map shoud come in handy while exploring the city.

CASE #3 - Possiblity to explore Krakow beyond popular attractions (Krakow Tourist Card 3 days & Krakow Tourist Card 2 days variants)

When you feel more adventurous, wanting to relax from big crowds, you can use your card to explore places that are situated, off the beaten track. Krakow has got beautiful parks, mounds, lakes and even national park! Those are perfect for outside recreation. You can read about it in articles here, here and here.

CASE #4 - Free Transport To Wieliczka Salt Mine (Krakow Tourist Card 3 days & Krakow Tourist Card 2 days variants)

Did you know that Wieliczka Salt Mine (one of the most popular attractions near Krakow) is reachable by Krakow public bus 304? Although a Salt Mine tour ticket is not included in Krakow Card attractions list, you can still have a ride back and forth covered by your Krakow Card.

CASE #5 - List of Discounts (all card variants)

How to buy Krakow Card?

You can purchase the Krakow Card on-line on our website. You will receive a voucher in a PDF file which will be sent to the email address that you provided during your purchase. You will than have to exchange your voucher number for a plastic Krakow Card in one of our exchange points (physical purchase is also possible there)

  • InfoKraków - Balice Airport (see location on airport plan here)
  • Discover Cracow Office - Józefa Piłsudskiego 6/9
  • InfoKraków Pawilon Wyspiańskiego - Tourist Information - pl. Wszystkich Świętych 2
  • InfoKraków ul. św. Jana 2 - Tourist Information
  • InfoKraków Sukiennice - Tourist Information - Rynek Główny 1/3
  • InfoKraków ul. Szpitalna 25 - Tourist Information
  • InfoKraków ul. Józefa 7 - Tourist Information
  • InfoKraków Powiśle 11 - Tourist Information
  • InfoKraków Os. Zgody 7 - Tourist Information
  • Cracow City Tours - Floriańska 44
  • Krakville Tours - Sienna 17
  • Exciting Krakow Tours - Grodzka 52
  • Exciting Krakow Tours - Dajwór 19

Krakow Card Types (click here for more details)

  Krakow Tourist Card (3 days) Krakow Tourist Card (2 days) Museum & Attraction Pass for Adult (3 days) Museum & Attraction Pass for Students (3 days)
Admission to 38 museums and attractions
Discounts: Restaurants, Avis car rent
Unlimited public transport
Transport from & to airport
Transport to & from Wieliczka Salt Mine
Number of days the card is valid for 3 2 3 3


Some FAQs


  • Can I visit any attraction more than 1 time?

Unfortunately, based on our model of cooperation with museums, each attraction can be seen only one time while using your Krakow Card.


  • How long Krakow Card is valid for?

Krakow Card is valid for max 2 years after the online purchase.


  • I’m exploring the city with Krakow Card and have a question, how can I contact you?

If any questions will arise, feel free to contact our support 8AM - 4PM at the following numbers: 

  • PL: 00 48 12 346 38 99 
  • UK: 00 44 203 129 1210 
  • USA: 00 1 646 503 17 17


  • What are the situations when Krakow Card will be used?

There are 3 situations when Krakow Card will be used:

  1. At the museum cashier window, while claiming your ticket.
  2. At the bus or tram when ticket inspector will ask for your ticket.
  3. At any place included in discounts list.


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