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Krakow nightlife where to go places, best pubs bars and clubs of Cracow

Krakow Nightlife is something you should experience! It’s hard to fall asleep in Krakow, being aware of the undisputed title of the partying capital of Poland the city holds – and if you haven’t been aware of this yet, the little yet comprehensive guide will unfold the dimensions of Krakow’s nightlife to you before you even board your plane! Countless pubs & vodka bars open until dawn, inexpensive drinks, a variety of music styles to dance to, unique events and delicious street food to enjoy perfectly define the intense Krakow nightlife that everyone is invited to join!

Nightlife in Krakow - Spot 1 - Main Market Square  

Krakow Main Market Nightlife


Where to party in Krakow? The Main Market Square is the first location that comes into mind, and so for a reason. Virtually each historical building at the square has a pub, club or restaurant operating there, also at the underground level (and the cellar-based venues are what makes Krakow nightlife so unique!). This top partying destination has a number of advantages to use: due to intense competition, most clubs there are open up to 5:00 a.m. or until the last guest leaves, offering a wide selection of alcohols and attractive discounts to their guests.

Krakow at night - Spot 2 - Bohemian Kazimierz District

Kazimierz nightlife Krakow recommended top-rated nightclubs pubs

Kazimierz is also known as the Jewish Quarter. While it seems cosier in the daylight, Kazimierz by night is a still-charming but far more bustling place than you can imagine. Being described as hipster-like or Bohemian, the venues of the district provide a variety of cafes, bars and restaurants with soul – if you are looking for artistic climate and non-generic partying venues, this is where you should head for. Theme parties, less known beer brands, plenty of concerts by alternative bands and all-night-long dancing sessions is what Kazimierz offers – not to mention fantastic street food eateries with local specialties served. Kazimierz bars, cafes and pubs are among the top-rated nightlife venues of Krakow and the prices seem slightly to considerably lower than at the Main Square. With plenty of hostels around, the district is convenient for party lovers who prefer their accommodation close to where the nightlife is rich enough not to make them travel too far to find the best spots of this kind on the map.


Pubs in Krakow and places to drink

2. Ambasada Śledzia (Stolarka 8/10, Main Market) Vodka/Shot/Beer/apetizers
3. Bania-Luka (Plac Szczepański 6, Main Market) Pub in Krakow - Banialuka Vodka/Shot/Beer/apetizers
4. House of Beer (Św Tomasza 35, Main Market) Krakow Pub - House of Beer Especially Beer
5. Harris Piano Jazz Bar (28 Market Square, Main Market) Krakow Bar - Harris Piano Drinks/Beer/Vodka
6. Alchemia (Estery 5, Kazimierz) Alchemia Krakow Pub in Kazimierz Drinks/Beer/Vodka/Sweets
7. Absynt (ul. Miodowa 28, Kazimierz) Drinks/Vodka/Beer
8. Pod Wawelem (ul. Św. Gertrudy 26, Near Wawel) Pod-Wawelem-Krakow-Restaurant Beer/Vodka/Polish Food
9. Dolnych Młynów (Dolnych młynów street) Beer/Vodka



Cafe and restaurants in Krakow

1. Magia (pl. Mariacki 3, Main Market) Cafe/Basic Food/Drinks
2. La Grande Mamma (Rynek Glowny 26, Main Market) La Grande Mama Cafe Krakow Cafe/Italian food/Drinks
3. Hamsa Hummus (ul. Szeroka 2, Kazimierz) Hamsa Hummus Krakow Restaurant Cafe/Jewish Food/Drinks
4. Forum Przestrzenie  (ul. Marii Konopnickiej 28, Near Wawel, opposite side of Vistula) Krakow Nightlife - forum Przestrzenie Beer/Vodka/Food/Pizza
5. Barka (Podgórska 16, Vistula) Food/Beer/Vodka


Disco and Party in Krakow

1. Lokal Krakow (Rynek Główny 6, Main Market) Lokal Krakow Nightlife Disco/Vodka/Beer
2. Choice Club (Florianska 15, Main Market) Choice Club Entry at night Disco/Vodka/Beer
3. Prozak 2.0 (Plac Donminikański 6, Marin Market) Prozak Night Disco/House/Vodka/Beer
4. Singer (Estery 20, Kazimierz) Singer-Kazimierz-Night-Krakow Beer/Vodka/Oldschool Party
5. Baccarat Music Club (Stolarska 13, Main Market) Baccarat-Night-Krakow Disco/Vodka/Beer
6. TramParty (Tram Station, Plac wszystkich Świętych) TramParty-Krakow Disco/OwnAlco

Krakow Street food - Got to taste it! Cult and Local.

Krakow may be no different when it comes to reflecting the recent trends in street food that are being observed across Europe: plenty of kebab shops or food trucks you will come across the Old Town definitely confirm it. At the same time, there are a few street food eateries that the locals would point at first if asked to name a place where you should go for a night snack. Polish sausage (kielbasa) is world-famous for its quality and taste – and the most locally-famous sausages of Krakow are sold in front of the Market Hall in Grzegorzecka street. From Monday to Saturday, a blue commie Nysa car is parked there about 8 p.m. and a line of hungry customers from every corner of Krakow wait in front of it to take delight at the taste of roasted sausages that have been produced at a local butcher’s.

Sausage from old schoold Nyska Car

best street food Krakow nightlife tips food trucks sausage

Perfectly seasoned and prepared, of a size known from American restaurants, served with a wheat roll and mustard, „kielbaski z Nyski” („the sausages from a Nysa car”) have been providing a filling and tasty meal to those who are returning from parties for ages, and we can speak of an example of urban folklore that has not disappeared from the map of Krakow for a reason. Zapiekanka – the specialty of Krakow street food – is a long half-baguette with various toppings applied (cheese, mushrooms and ketchup make up a standard version). Even if you come across a number of zapiekankas-selling stalls or food trucks in Krakow, the most recommended zapiekanka shop you may find will be located at Plac Nowy in Kazimierz district.

Zapiekankas from Plac Nowy

Zapiekanka best street food Krakow Cracow guide nightlife where to eat at night

Endzior bar is a facility that operates in an old Jewish marketplace called „Okraglak” and serves 15 types of zapiekankas to its guests – both with local (e.g. sausage and pickled cucumbers) and more exotic (spinach or corn) toppings. Long queues in front of this venue confirm that hot and crispy zapiekankas, served straight from the oven there, are delicious enough to attract customers of any location within Krakow, at any time of the day. Curious of what other culinary secrets Krakow has to offer, not necessarily with regard to its nightlife?

Night street food best places to eat Krakow Cracow nightlife guide

Check the guide to Krakow restaurants to find out more.

Read more about other Pubs and Clubs to go in Krakow at Night

Krakow clubs overwhelm with their density, quality drinks and a variety of theme rooms that are suitable for every party-goer, especially with regard to the two districts described above. Alchemia is popularly mentioned as the top pub / club of Kazimierz (along with Eszeweria) – a wide range of music events, ranging from folk or jazz to funk, house or disco, as well the magical interior of the venue, will make a night spent there unforgettable for the climate it provides. This is quite contrasting to what awaits you at luxurious Baroque or Baccarat clubs that also offer VIP rooms to more demanding guests – similarly to Caryca club where the aristocratic sumptuousness and various styles of music coexist in the vast spaces they offer.

Cien, a club in the Old Town, is one of the best-known venues to party at, only serving this purpose – the spectrum of colourful lights inside, great DJ sets and a wide selection of drinks make having fun there a real pleasure. Fancy a rock party instead? Drop in to Carpe Diem to enjoy the company of wild youth having fun while heavy sounds are blasting in the background. Visit Frantic club for great visual stimuli, neon lights and its parquet full of people dancing to greatly-chosen DJs – you will feel as if partying at a top-notch beach club in the centre of Krakow. Kitsch Push is a Krakow club whose name says it all about the oldschool disco parties are held there at weekends, while it is also known for its tolerance for LGBT guests. Ministerstwo is a Krakow-based club which used to have cult following – house, drum’n’bass or disco sounds accompany the party-goers filling the medieval-like interior of this memorable place.

Piekny Pies has a similar cult status, but of a different nature. Visited by local artists, poets and alternative souls, Piekny Pies club welcomes those who want to have fun with classic rock or new wave sounds, not excluding DJ sets it also offers. Prozak 2.0 is a resurrected legendary Prozak club that used to be real mecca for the enthusiasts of top electronic music visiting Krakow – its parties with top European DJ»s bring the climate of Berlin nightlife into mind. The multisensory stimuli of Rdza club interior, its large dancing floors and two bars will also welcome those with sophisticated taste for club and electronic music with the world-famous DJs it provides. Rotunda is a student club with long traditions in organising huge parties at cost-effective prices – particularly, for those who count on rock’n’roll climate and a space large enough to jump around for all night.

Spolem Deluxe club is where the space filled with communist symbols treated with a blinking eye will let you dance the night away with oldschool music delivered – the „Goodbye Lenin” climate is what appeals to every capitalist guest of this unique partying venue. Still not sure where to go to have a great clubbing night while in Krakow? Join real experts who run Krakow Crawl, providing you with their guidance through the maze of Krakow pubs and club scene and meet your partying-hungry companions there. You may also stay at one of party hostels that combine accommodation services with partying venues within one facility.

The category of pubs in Krakow is so extensive that only a few representatives of its top subcategories may be included in a guide like this. Harris Piano Jazz Bar is one of the best-rated bars of the Main Square of Krakow, where you may fall in love with its jazz jam sessions unexpectedly/as expected*. Great atmosphere of mystical Kazimierz is best exemplified by the feeling of having a pint of beer in Bohemian Alchemia pub, attracting real pub connoisseurs there like a magnet. Those wo came to Krakow to taste the specialties of its local breweries will surely enjoy C.K. Browar – a spacious pub with its own underground brewery that makes one feel as if visiting a Krakow-based counterpart of Bavaria.

Best pubs where to go in Krakow nightlife guide

Kazimierz-based Omerta or the House of Beer are of similar kinds – you will never manage to taste each brand of beer they have on their beverage menus out there! The above-mentioned Spolem Deluxe club is a spin-off of a well-known Spolem pub, where the nostalgia of communist past (at least, the good culture and music-related things created throughout the era) is mixed with great and chilling-out fun among a well-selected collection of objects of Social-realist design. Wodka Cafe Bar is a popular representative of vodka/shot bars Krakow abounds in: you may have a few quality vodka shots and light snacks there in the crowd of chatting customers swarming in front of the counter, as well as some beer of your choice (bear in mind that Polish beer is often stronger when compared to popular „Western brands”) – each item you will take is to have a fixed price of €1 assigned. Similar venues include just as popular BaniaLuka or Flacha i Kielbacha pubs.

Wodka bars Krakow Cracow where to drink guide top pubs nightlife

For ultra-Polish traditional and historical interiors, choose Sarmacja pub – having your drink as surrounded by armouries and medieval-like decor will never fail to satisfy your hunger for getting more familiar with the rich past of Krakow. The most sophisticated entertainment is what you may expect at Piwnica pod baranami pub – this cellar pub and performance venue has a legendary status among the artists of Krakow, adding more high-culture aspect to the nightlife of the city.

Krakow nightlife tips events where to party in Cracow top venues best places to go


Other special places for Krakow Nightlife

If you happen to visit Krakow in summertime, you may discover that it has an extensive artificial beach open vis-a-vis Wawel Castle. As it tends to be hot in Krakow during summers – at nights as well – choosing the season venues that operate on the beach (e.g. a club or open-air bar) is definitely a great idea. Attending summer festivals Krakow hosts is worth considering as well – find out what awaits you this year here. Those who are looking for a truly dynamic party, should hop on a partying tram that travels across the city centre of Krakow.

Krakow tram party partying events nightlife guiode wjere to party in Krakow

You may expect disco balls, fun-loving people and great music inside as you join the event and the pace of the tram is perfectly adjusted for dancing. December visitors to Krakow may enjoy the presence of Christmas market in the Main Square of Krakow. Having a cup of famous mulled wine at one of its stalls before hitting a party is a great way to warm yourself up on a frosty night.

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