Krakow Public Transport Maps

Public Transport in Krakow and check tram maps. 

Public communication is all available for free with Krakow Card. If you would like to get more information about lines, please check maps below. You can as well contact us through live chat and receive all the information about transport in Krakow! Below we present trams and buses map in Krakow. You can get to know about what are the routes and how to get to each place in Krakow. You can as well download Public Transport Map in Krakow to your telephone so you can use them on arrival. Be aware that krakow is not that of a big city for tourists. Hotels, museum, attractions and districts are close to each other so you can go by foot to most of the places or just take a few stops by tram.

Krakow  Journey Planner

To check all possible ways of transport to specific place, there is a website where you just put your starting point and destination, so you receive full itienary about the connection - check app and website called - It is very simple and convinient way to check all the tram routes in Krakow.

Bus in Krakow

Bus is not recommended if you want to travel through Krakow. Old city and most attractions are in the city centre where you can go by foot or take more convinient tram transport. however if you wish to travel to Auschwitz by this transport read about How to get to Auschwitz.


Krakow Tram Night Map

Krakow Publick Bus Transport Map

Krakow Central Station Map