How to get from Krakow Airport to City Centre

Bus from Krakow Airport to City Centre (Cheapest)

You will find all the essential information about transport from Krakow Airport to Krakow here. Krakow Card provides a free transport from Krakow Balice.  If you don’t have KrakowCard you can buy a ticket during your ride to Krakow. Below you can see where to find Bus station in Krk Airport. Be aware that buses may not have additional luggage place, so you will need to take it inside as those are regular lines.

  • Time of travel: 40-45 minutes
  • Cost: about 4 zł  for adult (1 euro), paid just with polish coins inside bus ticket machine
  • Timetables: for bus lines 208,252,902 (night).

Bus from Krakow Airport

Train from Krakow Airport to City Center (Fastest)

Krakow airport train is the fastest way to get to City Centre from Krk airport. its traveling every 30 minutes directly from Krakow Airport. It is very convinient and recommended for backpacers. Unfortunatelly it is not available with KrakowCard. 

  • Time of travel: 17 minutes
  • Cost: 8 zł (2 euro). Available to buy with machines on station through cash or card
  • Timetables: Krakow train schedule available here -  Krakow Airport Train timetables

Train from Krakow airport

Airport Transfer from Krakow to City Centre (Most comfortable)

So if you search for transport from Krakow airport you can also order a private chauffeur. Cars are really comfortable and equipped with WiFi. This is the most comfortable way with no stress at all but you have to order it at least 24h before travel. You should try this if treveling with larger group or family. Especially appreciated thing is that you will be dopped off just in frot of our hotel doors. You will also receive chauffeur assistance with luggage and some guidance on arrive.

  • Time of travel: 30 minutes (depends on the traffic)
  • Cost: 80-90 zł (20€) for whole car, so considering you are 4 person it is just 5€ per person. Available to order and pay online throught website: Krakow Airport Transfer.
  • Timetables: Direct Airport pickup and drop off
Krakow Airport Transfer

Booking the Krakow Aiport Transfer will be the easiest and totally hussle-free solutions for you and your family!

Taxi from Krakow Airport (Quite easy)

Taxi from Krakow Airport to city is also an option you may take. There are lots of different companies waiting in front of the terminal. Sometimes you need to wait few minutes but considerint Krk Taxis its not a typical situation that you will not find your service. Cars quality is worse than taking an ordered transfer from Balice Airport and you may need to pay with cash directly to the driver.

  • Time of travel: 30 minutes (depends on the traffic)
  • Cost: Ranging from 30 zł to 130 zł (above 25km). Usually it is from 90-100 zł so 20-25€ for a car. Pay to the driver with cash or sometimes card.
  • Timetables: Available in front of the terminal

Taxi from Krakow Airport

Shuttle from Krakow Airport (Planned ahead)

You may want to get from Krk airport to Krakow old town through shuttle services as well. If you want Krakow Shuttle than you need to order a ticket online before arriving. It is also nice because you will be picked up by a driver. It is more comfortable because there is always a place for at least hand luggage. You may need to wait few minutes for other people to gather. Anyway it is nice to have someone picking you up from the airport.

  • Time of travel: 30-50 minutes (depends on the traffic and your destination)
  • Cost: 40zł, 10€ per person, available to book online through - book shuttle krakow
  • Timetables: On your specific time of arrival