Weather in Krakow

Average Temperature in Krakow - Climate

If you are are coming to Krakow and would like to prepare for the weather you should know that. During winter temperature in Krakow can balance between -10 and +5 degree. There might be snow but its 50/50. Clothes to consider on winter are; warm jacket, warm waterproofed shoes and long pants. Spring is not that warm at the beginning. Temperatures are from 10 up to 20 degree. You still need some jacket. Summer in Krakow comes about June till September. There might be 15 degree but recently we have a very hot smmers with temperature between 20-30 degree. You should consider light shorts and t-shirt because you might get wet fast. Autumn is  rainy and cloudy weather so you once again need jacket and check weather before you want to come as it might rain. But Autumn is as well one of the most beautifull period in Poland. You will be astonished by colors of nature. You should for sure consider Ojców or Zakopane trip.

Average High/Low Krakow Temperature

Considering highest and lowest temperatures in Krakow you got to prepare that those below are average. At the same time it can be -10 up to -20 during some days in winter. This is unusual but can happen. At the same time there were temperatues close to +35 during summer so it can be really hot! Be sure to check forecast and prepare if you don’t want to get burn in a city with temparatures like this. Climate is medium so you won’t occur some drastic temperature changes. Usually there are 3-4 days of a good or bad weather which you can predict and check throught forecasts.

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